Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ride the divide

I watched the Ride the Divide documentary last night. Aside from the wistful acoustic guitar music and sentimental lyrics that grace the soundtrack, the movie was intriguing. (More about it here: It does convey a sense of what three weeks on a mountain bike could be like--a clear enough sense that I won't be tempted to do it any time soon. At least not as a race-participant. And I noticed that none of the racers were on single-speeds--for good reason, as the race apparently puts the mountain back in mountain bike, should it be in danger of escaping. I, however, have recently become enamoured of my newly-purchased single-speed 29er. You know what they say--once you go 29er, you never go back. At least not until you have really big hills to climb on sore, over 40-year-old knees.

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  1. A new Bike is always great news. You must certainly post some pictures of this new ride.